Inspection Engineer

招聘日期: 2014.09.15 工作地点: 福建省福州市仓山区
职位类别: 全职 学历要求: 大专及以上
招聘人数: 若干人 工资待遇: 面议


- Plan and formulate product inspection protocol and working instruction.

- Prepare training material for inspection.

- Provide training and know-how to Food inspectors.

- Follow up international inspection standards and technology.

- Provide solutions to those technical problems during product inspections.

- Provide consulting to the customers for food safety standards and inspection technique.

- Give technical support to business development of inspection.


- Bachelor degree or above. Food background is preferred.

- With at least 7 years experience in production or inspection for Food. With at least 3 years experience in inspection, quality assurance or technical support in third-party or second-party inspection field.

- Familiar with food safety standards and inspection requirements.

- Fluent both in written and oral English


- Undertake working pressure.

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