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Private Investigator resume范文

  Seek the Challenging Position of Private Investigator

  A highly talented Private Investigator with huge experience inconducting investigations for clients and preparing evidence for courtproceedings; often involved with matters of insurance, missing personsand character enquiries.

  Summary of Qualifications

  More than eight years experience. Strong surveillance and claims investigation experience.Possession of Valid State Driver's license.Considerable ability of using a reliable surveillance vehicle, 8mm digital camcorder and computer with internet connection.Doubtless willingness to travel at short notice. Exceptional ability to present ideas and information in writing. Deep familiarity with a wide range of aspects of law (e.g., business, personal, criminal) Strong ability at providing a service to members of the public and checking that people are following laws or regulations Exceptional skills at working outdoors in any weather.Strong sense of being aware of and taking into account the feelings, views and behavior of others Uncommon ability using the technical and creative skills of photography. Great ability keeping accurate records or reports. Exceptional at providing information and interviewing people. Exceptional ability to cope with awkward or difficult people. Remarkable ability to work for long periods of time. Strong physical disposition and being able to stand for long hours.

  Professional Experience

  Finders Inc., Tarrytown, NY 2006 - Present

  Private Investigator

  Conduct private investigations to locate missing persons, obtain confidential information, and solve crimes: Question individuals to locate missing persons.

  Conduct surveillance of suspects using binoculars and cameras.

  Conduct background investigation of individual to obtain data on character, financial status, and personal history.

  Examine scene of crime for clues and submits fingerprints and findings to laboratory for identification and analysis.

  Write reports of investigations for clients.

  Report criminal information to police and testifies in court.

  Investigate activities of individuals in divorce and child custody cases.

  Arrange lie detector tests for employees of clients or witnesses.

  Escort valuables to protect client's property.

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