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  Some people like to work alone while others enjoy teamwork. In my opinion, everyone had better learn to work with others together because teamwork is definitely necessary and important in modern society.

  First, working in a team provides a chance for us to communicate with each other. Just as the saying goes, “many hands make light job.” Working in a team, teammates share their ideas with each other, which is helpful to create a better achievement. Second, working in a team is a way to broaden our horizon. Teammates in a team can learn something from each other because they are from different places, owning various experiences and hold different views towards things. Therefore, getting along with other teammates is also a process of increasing our knowledge. Finally, working in a team is also a way to establish our friendship. Teammates in a team have chances to help each other, to solve the problems together, to share the happiness of being successful, which make a great contribution to establishing friendship. Thus, working in a team is one of the most effective ways to extend our personal relationships.

  To sum up, to learn to work in a team is really necessary and important and we should try to enjoy it.






  Team work is very important in our work.It is quite often that one is not able to carry out a job by itself.He needs more people to comlete it together.We can say some importance jobs could not be done without teamwork.For example,in a football match,very memember plays a different role which is important,all memembers must cooperate with each other to fight against the opponent team.They can only win the match when they do good teamwork,or they will be defeated.

  China has an old saying,"Unity is strength",which means the importance of teamwork.





  As the saying goes,"brothers,satisfy broken heart." A man's strength is too small,only have cooperation,can achieve.Man is standing in the far out at sea coast mast-head can have a ship,the need to promote,One mountain is in the far east has whose shimmering rays of the sun,need a set,One of the force is restless in its mother's womb,the maturation of maternal infant to nourish.

  Cooperation is the path to success to mark.Danish astronomer with 30 years DiGu observation of the planet,precision accumulated extensive accurate and reliable information.But no good theoretical thinking and scientific arrangement,not a great discovery.Before his death DiGu will material to assistant Kepler,and told him the material preparation.DiGu accurate observation and the profound study of Kepler,combining finally leads the movement of the planets of the three laws of motion of the object,uncover secret.Without cooperation,the three laws of motion to the planet?

  Cooperation is spread to the foundation of success.Many of the warring states period,and Lin xiangru's WanBiGuiZhao nov.1992,WangChongYong zhao zhao4 guo2's prime minister,as when lian Po old general prided himself on that very defy spirit,and everywhere.Lin xiangru's for the country's interests to lian Po old rivalry everywhere.General In the old general understand Lin xiangru's on the original,very ashamed,personally to prime minister mansion QingZui auxiliary thorns.In dealing with national affairs of their cooperation,make an increasingly,JiangXiangHe as historical legacy.Without cooperation,which come national prosperity?

  BC,chu,zhao 318,wei,Korea,yan five components of the coalition against aggression,qin,however,due to the heart,want to own interests,not very good cooperation,resulting in failure.If at all in the world cooperate,concentrated force,material and financial resources,is certain to beat the qin dynasty.Say so,with cooperation,can achieve.

  Let the flower of success in the cooperation in the soil in the spring,the cooperation in the spring,let the success of spewing eagles flying in the sky in the cooperation.Let us have cooperation,hug success!











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