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Position: QE Developer for Photoshop
Department: Digital Imaging
Business Unit: Digital Media Business Unit
Location: Beijing, China

Adobe China Digital Imaging teams develop world-class image processing software by
working with U.S. teams. Our projects include Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom and
Photoshop has 23 years glory and in each release there are still many
cool and new features being added to Photoshop. Adobe China Photoshop team has been
developing eye-catching new features for years. Here’re some video clips demonstrating
some features done by the China team:
??Photoshop Adaptive Wide Angle:
??Photoshop Camera Shake Reduction:
In addition to desktop applications, we’re also actively investigating new possibilities
combining the power of mobile devices and Cloud computing, as demonstrated in the
following video: (starting
from 27m05s).
In summary, Adobe China Photoshop team has a lot of new stuff to do and there’re
many opportunities as well as challenges.

oEnsure high quality delivery of Photoshop on schedule.
oCollaborate with development and other QE on test execution following Adobe quality process.
oWrite, maintain, and execute test-ware (test cases, plans, reports, etc.) for product features.
oClearly understand the product’s expected functions, behavior and quality benchmark.
oEnsure the features requirements are fully understood and sufficiently documented.
oDefine and develop test plan and test cases.
oEnsure test cases are properly archived in test case repository.
oEnsure an adequate level of testing coverage.
oProvide testing or development estimation if being required by manager.
oContinuously improve the existing automation framework.
oWork collaboratively with both local and remote team members.
oWork independently with minimum supervisions.
oRegularly report the status to manager.
oCan effectively use test automation to increase the thoroughness of testing.
oAutomate test cases, develop automation tools, and maintain automation frameworks; or be responsible for official Automation lab maintenance, results analysis, build quality certification

oBachelor degree or Master degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
o0 – 3 years of working experience in coding related jobs.
oSolid technical background.
oGood knowledge of data structure and algorithm
oGood understanding or experience in software development process.
oProficient knowledge in case design, bug handling, and testing methodologies
oExperience in visual design is a plus.
oPassion to learn and play with Photoshop.
oAbility to analyze, isolate and document complex technical issues.
oAbility to work independently.
oBeing creative and innovative.
oBeing proactive, positive and self-motivated.
oQuick learner and team player.
oWorkable verbal and written English communication skills.