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  repair 同义词

  动词restorefixpatch upserviceoverhaulmend


  repair 反义词


  repair 相关词组

  1. in bad repair : 失修, 状况不好;

  repair 基本解释

  及物动词修理; 纠正; 恢复; 弥补

  名词修理; 修理工作; 维修状态; 经修理的东西


  repair 双语例句

  1. 87 old patients with chronic skin ulcer were treated and the characteristics of the pathogenesis and repair were discussed.


  2. Eardrop unique creativity and are sold in three packs of dealer services:°ü, shifting, repair.


  3. Native speakers mainly employ I think for turn-taking/holding or mitigating, while Chinese EFL learners may use I think for some other functions as well, such as upgrader, interrupting, self-repair and reformulation, listing, reasoning/illustrating, summarizing, etc.

  本族语者主要将I think用于承接话轮,保持话轮,减弱语气,而中国英语学习者除以上功能外,更多地用I think实现加强语气,插话,自我纠误,列举,推理/说明,总结等语用功能。

  4. The third solution is for the acquirer to go ahead with the acquisition, but then subsequently repurchase a quantity of shares equal to the number issued in the merger. In this manner, what originally was a stock-for-stock merger can be converted, effectively, into a cash-for-stock acquisition. Repurchases of this kind are damage-repairmoves. Regular readers will correctly guess that we much prefer repurchases that directly enhance the wealth of owners instead of repurchases that merely repair previous damage. Scoring touchdowns is more exhilarating than recovering one`s fumbles. But, when a fumble has occurred, recovery is important and we heartily recommend damage-repair repurchases that turn a bad stock deal into a fair cash deal.


  5. Long-term supply of a variety of specifications and accessories enamel reactor, reactor back to the old and new, on-site reactor repair, supply the secondary reactor, the acquisition of idle reactor.


  6. Now I will get to try my skill at fiberglass repair.


  7. TEC GROUT is used for repair structural building members such as pre-cast wall panels, under plates, beams and columns and post tensioned girders.

  用途 TEC浆料勇于修补结构性建筑单元,例如待浇铸墙板、底座、房梁、柱体以及加固后的大梁。

  8. The efficiency of dna repair is different depending on whether the damaged dna is actively transcribing or not.


  9. In many methods for repair of defects of alae nasi, this method is simple, the appearance of alae nasi is good after operation and there is no new scar on face.


  10. However, the proposed abolition of LZ not power-on self test, windows in the face of illegal shutdown, when you next boot time, windows will automatically detect the hard disk partition error, and tried to repair the error.


  11. At each time point, we observed morphological changes, in situ detected DNA breaks, and observed expression changes of production of lEGs c-Fos and DNA repair enzyme APE/Ref-1 which participated in many kinds of DNA repairs. Results in the experiment were shown as follow:DHE stain indicates: The model of rat MCAO/R was credible, and the damaged regions included cortex (lobus frontalis, lobus arietalis, lobus occipitalis et al and caudatum.


  12. With repair tools, such as the 3721 Internet Assistant, Kaka and other aides


  13. Next day was a hectic day; a small repair shop was located where the broken pintail hook of the trailer was welded.


  14. In the ad, Toyota also reminded vehicle owners to bring their vehicles to their dealerships for repair.


  15. The design has solved the question that the water conservancy facilities aging to be in bad repair and the water use in canal was in low in project area and optimized the irrigation and drainage network, which has provided the advantageous safeguard for growth of crops.


  16. Objective To evaluate the effect of double repair of simple rectocele trans rectum and posterior wall of vagina.


  17. Collision repair is a skill you master with experience – that`s why you`ll be working with cutaway cars and body parts, designed to simulate situations described in your textbook.


  18. And balconies were inspected, resulting in the issue of 752 orders for repair or investigation of buildings and removal of UBWs.


  19. In 1998, 291 buildings and 813 canopies and balconies were inspected, resulting in the issue of 752 orders forrepair or investigation of buildings and removal of UBWs.


  20. The mechanism has become temperamental with age and has undergone clock repair a number of times.