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  propose 同义词


  propose 反义词


  propose 基本解释

  及物动词求婚; 提议,建议; 打算,计划; 推荐,提名

  不及物动词求婚; 做出计划,打算


  propose 英英释义


  1. present for consideration, examination, criticism, etc.

  e.g. He proposed a new plan for dealing with terrorism

  She proposed a new theory of relativity

  Synonym: project

  2. propose or intend

  e.g. I aim to arrive at noon

  Synonym: aimpurposepurport

  3. make a proposal, declare a plan for something

  e.g. the senator proposed to abolish the sales tax

  Synonym: suggestadvise

  4. ask (someone) to marry you

  e.g. he popped the question on Sunday night

  she proposed marriage to the man she had known for only two months

  The old bachelor finally declared himself to the young woman

  Synonym: declare oneselfofferpop the question

  5. put forward

  nominate for appointment to an office or for an honor or position

  e.g. The President nominated her as head of the Civil Rights Commission

  Synonym: nominate

  propose 相关例句


  1. He proposed that we should go for a walk.


  2. He proposed building a bridge across this river.


  3. It was proposed we go to the station to meet our guests.


  4. He proposed to her, and she accepted.


  5. He proposed a get-together this weekend.


  propose 网络解释

  1. 求婚:193 日剧 英雄(HERO) 木村拓哉、松隆子 全集 1535 台湾 我只在乎你(ONLYYOU) 李天熙、洪秀贤 28全集 2625 韩剧 求婚(Propose)韩语 金喜善、李昌勋、柳时元、赵银淑 14全集 1877 日剧 辣妹掌门人(GAL CIRCLE) 藤木直人 惠梨香 11集

  2. 提出:我们从培训实践中,提出从培训需求分析到培训需求管理的PDAC四步模型,即培训需求管理必须包含提出(propose)、定义(define)、共识(agree)、传播(communicate)四个环节,采用每个英文单词首字母形成PDAC模型.

  3. 建议:Chandrasekaran将设计方法定名为PCM,它包括建议(Propose)、评判(Critique)和修改(Modify)三个步骤,这个实际的设计过程与CBR过程存在着并行的对应关系,如图1所示.

  propose 双语例句

  1. In this dissertation, we investigate an integrated approach that provides fault tolerance and DVS mechanism in real-time systems. Firstly, we propose a primary/backup fault-tolerance static DVS scheduling algorithm, setting processor frequency off-line.


  2. Every male person being twenty-one years of age, and resident in any particular town in this commonwealth, for the space of one year next preceding, having a freehold estate within the same town, of the annual income of three pounds, or any estate of the value of sixty pounds, shall have a right to vote in the choice of a representative or representatives for the said town.术. v. the members of the house of representatives shall be chosen annually in the month of may, ten days at least before the last wednesday of that month.术.. the house of representatives shall be the grand inquest of this commonwealth; and all impeachments made by them shall be heard and tried by the senate.术.. all money bills shall originate in the house of representatives; but the senate may propose or concur with amendments, as on other bills.

  术。。议院应选举,返回最后法官,和自己的成员资格,正如在宪法,并应于上周三5月,每年确定和宣布谁是eah区内选出是参议员由多数票,并在有不得返回的参议员的总人数,由各区民政票多数当选,供应不足,应以下列方式,即:房子的成员代表,例如参议员的应被宣布当选,应作为应发现在这类地区的票数最高的这些人的姓名,并没有当选,相当于两倍的参议员人数的希望,如果有这么许多赞成,并指出,这些应以抽签方式选出的参议员人数不足以填补这些地区的空缺; inthis的方式对所有这些职位空缺,须填写的每一个联邦区设立,并以同样的方式在所有空缺在参议院,由去世而出现的,从国家或其他地方进行,应提供可尽快将这些空缺之后发生。

  3. To propose to convene extraordinary shareholder meeting, and to convene and preside over shareholder meeting when the board of directors does not exercise the duty to convene and preside over the shareholders` meeting as prescribed in this Law


  4. We propose a multicategory classification method based on hypercube/hypergrid self-organization mapping scheme.


  5. Furthermore, information technology and internet accelerate business administration field steps into a new era. Traditionally, measuring corporation value as fiscal and tangible asset been antiquated, the intangible assets such as core-competence, innovation take place. Therefore, scholars propose a new measure methodology—intellectual capital which can explain why the corporation market value surpass book value. This measure methodology will assist high-level managers to identify what is the important asset when corporation faces the competition across internal and external environment systematically. It has become a significant index to evaluate corporation value currently.