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  prompt 英英释义


  1. (computer science) a symbol that appears on the computer screen to indicate that the computer is ready to receive a command

  Synonym: command prompt

  2. a cue given to a performer (usually the beginning of the next line to be spoken)

  e.g. the audience could hear his prompting

  Synonym: prompting



  1. serve as the inciting cause of

  e.g. She prompted me to call my relatives

  Synonym: inspireinstigate

  2. assist (somebody acting or reciting) by suggesting the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned

  Synonym: remindcue

  3. give an incentive for action

  e.g. This moved me to sacrifice my career

  Synonym: motivateactuatepropelmoveincite


  1. performed with little or no delay

  e.g. an immediate reply to my letter

  a prompt reply

  was quick to respond

  a straightaway denial

  Synonym: immediatequickstraightaway

  2. according to schedule or without delay

  on time

  e.g. the train is prompt

  3. ready and willing or quick to act

  e.g. she is always prompt to help her friends

  prompt 基本解释

  形容词迅速的; 敏捷的; 立刻的; 准时的

  动词提示; 促使; 导致; 鼓励

  名词提示; 提示符; 激励; 提词


  prompt 同义词



  prompt 反义词


  prompt 相关例句


  1. The drowning child was saved by Dick's prompt action.



  1. She needed to be prompted three times.


  2. What prompted you to do such a thing?



  1. The play was so regularly performed that there was no need of written prompts.


  prompt 网络解释

  1. 提示:4.提示(prompt)和提示渐隐(fade),根据儿童的发展情况给予不同程度的提示或帮助,随着所学内容的熟练又逐渐减少提示和帮助;间歇(intertrial interval),在两个分解任务训练之间需要短暂的休息.

  2. 提示符号:假如你刚完成登录还没输入任何按键之前,你所看到的游标所在位置的同一行的左边部份, 我们称之为*提示符号*(prompt). 提示符号的格式或因不同系统版本而各有不同,在 Linux 上,只需留意最接近游标的一个可见 的提示符号,

  3. prompt:program monitoring and planning techniques; 程式监视与计划技术

  prompt 双语例句

  1. The main purpose of this research is to perform surrealistic methodology to create emotional picture book. The visual representation of urrealistic methodology may not only to prompt its art sake but also to fathom unspeakable emotional feeling and psychology.


  2. Accurate detection and prompt antifungal treatment with adjuvant surgical intervention may preserve ocular integrity and visual acuity in patients with Scedosporium apiospermum keratitis

  早期及正确的诊断和药物治疗并适时的手术可以让Scedosporium apiospermum角膜炎的病人有较佳的愈后及视力。

  3. First demo application shows how to add Command Prompt, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and WinWord.

  首先程序演示了如何添加命令提示符时,Internet Explorer,Windows媒体播放器和WinWord。

  4. Being a special non—juridical dispute resolution mechanism, administrative ADR is subject to the following fundamental principles:voluntary application, prompt settlement and due process.


  5. You will receive a prompt during installation regarding unsigned drivers.


  6. Without prompt treatment, a build up of bilirubin in the brain can lead to a condition called kernicterus.


  7. Prompt notice of loss must be given to the nearest representative of the insurance company.


  8. The death of the Insured prompt notice shall be given to the Company by his beneficiary.


  9. Each type of leukemia may have other symptoms or signs that prompt a person to get a medical checkup.


  10. But first from under shadie arborous roof, Soon as they forth were come to open sight Of day-spring, and the Sun, who scarce up risen With wheels yet hov'ring o're the Ocean brim, [140] Shot paralel to the earth his dewie ray, Discovering in wide Lantskip all the East Of Paradise and Edens happie Plains, Lowly they bow'd adoring, and began Thir Orisons, each Morning duly paid [145] In various style, for neither various style Nor holy rapture wanted they to praise Thir Maker, in fit strains pronounc't or sung Unmeditated, such prompt eloquence Flowd from thir lips, in Prose or numerous Verse, [150] More tuneable then needed Lute or Harp To add more sweetness, and they thus began.


  11. It reminds voters of the fragility of civilisation—and can prompt them to turn on their elected representatives.


  12. Standing stock of the Company substantial price concessions, prompt delivery, welcome!


  13. If you forget your part in the play, I'll prompt you.