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  1. 普拉多:[车型简介]: 普拉多(PRADO)高昂的身姿、流畅的机动性能,洒脱中畅驰于街道;万物皆化为掠影. 驰骋在自我境界之中,自由豪放地体验顶级驾乘感受. 尽展都市 SUV,驾驶出时代精英的潮流之路. [车型简介]: 柯斯达(COASTER)追求高品质与车型多样的脚步从未停歇,

  2. 丰田普拉多:丰田-普拉多(PRADO)个人车-丰田普拉多4.0AT二手车详细信息广东深圳市 二手丰田-普拉多(PRADO)个人车-丰田普拉多4.0AT , 50.00 万元 , 上牌日期:2006-12-1 ,...最新深圳二手丰田-普拉多(PRADO)个人车-丰田普拉多4.0AT


  prado 双语例句

  1. This morning Anne Prado, one of my students at the University of Southwestern California, came to my


  2. Keep your travel budget low - make your comfortable vacation or business stay in Prado del Rey cheap.


  3. 22 So now she was going to the del Prado.


  4. There is a goya exhibition on at the prado.


  5. The capital and largest city of Spain; home of the Museo del Prado.


  6. Madrid: It is a capital city you can roam and explore whole day long; I really like the Royal Palace and PradoMuseum.


  7. The prado itself is one of Madrid's main attractions.


  8. As soon as he arrived in Paris, Picasso used the Louvre, as he had previously used the Prado, as one of the main sources for his creative work.


  9. Prado and Richard Chabran for their support and feedback.

  作家想要为他们的支持和回应承认而且为她的指导和鼓励和 Jose M。Prado 和理查 Chabran 谢谢教育和资料研究的加州大学洛杉矶分校研究所的克拉拉教授 Chu 。

  10. Prado and Black worked closely at the CIA.


  11. Lago Grande, Westhaven Heights and El Prado by the Lake are some of the communities.


  12. He hit the Tate in London, the Louvre in Paris, twice, and the Prado.


  13. The Olimpia, the del Prado, and the Cine Mexico.


  14. It has great art museums including the Museo del Prado, and buildings like the Palacio Real that span the centuries, plus lively plazas, prominent boulevards and charming neighborhoods.


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  16. The Museo del Prado has broken a ten year old attendance record with its Sorolla exhibition. More than 450, 000 persons visited the exhibition which closed last Sunday.


  17. Neptune still raises his trident in a mist of spray in the middle of Plaza Canovas de Castillo, not far from theprado museum


  18. In the Netherlands Antilles than to square with the Plaza or on the road to the palace, filled with art, behind the Royal Palace a vast collection of valuable paintings Prado Museum Unique in form of Castile Plaza, the Spanish people feel the most unique art and cultural style.


  19. You cannot go home without visiting the fabled art collections of the Prado.


  20. I have declared the recession (almost) officially over, Marc Prado, market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald, told clients this week. The May data clearly has turned the corner.


  prado 单语例句

  1. Jockey Edgar Prado jumped off the dark bay colt and frantically tried to calm him down while the race continued.

  2. Jockey Edgar Prado pulled the powerful colt to a halt, jumped off and awaited medical assistance.

  3. Jockey Edgar Prado jumped off and frantically tried to calm the horse while the race continued.

  4. Prado and team officials would not identify all the clubs interested in Jean, but confirmed that representatives of Manchester United have asked for videotapes of his matches.

  5. The Prado will be introduced next month at a JV in Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

  6. Art of the three masters will feature in an exhibition of collections of the El Prado Museum in Madrid.

  7. Wang soon discovered a Toyota Prado SUV had the same vehicle license plate as he did.

  8. Spaniard Borja Tena Prado has turned his Beijing apartment into the perfect bachelor pad.

  9. He will be replaced in the lineup by Atlanta's Martin Prado.